Our Story, Our Brand

We are a small online business based in sunny Cyprus. We are passionate about Japanese and Korean beauty and we follow the latest trends in order to bring you the best products available, from skincare to make up and more. We traveled extensively throughout Asia and experienced their beauty trends. We believe that beauty needs to deliver on its promise while also being affordable. We don’t believe that you need to spend a fortune to take care of your skin and look good. That is why we no longer spend thousands of hard-earned money on products that don’t do anything. We love Asian skincare for these reasons: effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, no false promises, excellent ingredients, mild and natural formulas, science & research, and gorgeous packaging!

Most of the products and brands that we offer have been personally tried and tested by us for their effectiveness and we aim to introduce as many of our favorites as possible to our customers. That is why you will not see a large number of products in our store – we only choose the best for you! We know that these products are great and we want to help you discover and love them as well. We invite you to share our love for Asian beauty.

“Kawaii” is the name for the culture of cuteness in Japan. The flower we use is the Japanese cherry blossom, known as “sakura” which symbolizes the ephemeral nature of life. Our Beautyland is Kawaii because we believe everybody’s inner and outer beauty is playful, cute and lovable. And while life may be ephemeral, there are no rules that we should not look and feel our best going through it!

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