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Easy Skincare Routine for Every Skin Type

There are several skin types and often our skin combines characteristics from a few of them. Here we have created 7 different skincare routines for all skin types to help you choose the right products based on your own skin type. Scroll down to find your specific skin type and the products we recommend, as well the sequence with which you use them.


Normal skin is well-balanced skin (not too oily, not too dry). So you experience few to no blemishes, no sensitivity, no visible pores, and balanced hydration levels. As far as skincare products go, you can use pretty much everything and experiment to find what products work to keep your skin’s condition.


Oily skin has an over-production of oil/sebum. Typical characteristics include shininess, excess oil, large and visible pores, blackheads and whiteheads, and occasional acne. If you have oily skin you need to avoid using heavy oils on your skin and choose non-comedogenic products. Your goal is to cleanse properly and use products that balance oil production and moisturize the skin.


Dry skin lacks moisture and lipids and is a result of lack of oil production. Your skin will look pale, occasionally red, and feel tight, dry, and flaky. Sometimes, it may also itch. Dry skin is also sensitive to environmental factors, e.g. sun exposure, wind, cold temperature etc. It is more prone to lines and wrinkles. Your top priority will be to add moisture and use products that reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss and future aging.


Combination skin can be normal/dry or normal/oily. We recommend that you follow the skincare routine for dry skin if you have normal/dry skin and the routine for oily skin if you have normal/oily skin.


Also called reactive skin, it is sensitive to environmental factors and your psychological status. Your skin is sensitive to the touch, becomes red easily, is often itchy, has uneven texture and dry patches, and is easily irritated for example after taking a shower, when it comes in contact with water, or when you use harsh skincare. People with rosacea and/or allergies often have sensitive skin. Your primary goal is to keep your skin well hydrated using simple, hypoallergenic, and mild products suitable for sensitive skin.


Acne skin is often troubled with blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Acne is not a skin type per se as it can be present in all other skin types, predominantly in oily skin. Many factors can cause acne and it is important to consult your dermatologist if you have cystic or severe forms of acne that are chronic. Your skincare needs to be simple, tailored to address all the issues that can be caused by acne: pimples, inflammation, redness, dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity.


We define (anti)aging skin as skin that shows the first signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, and the start of loss of elasticity (people in their mid 30s to late 40s). Your main priority will be to use anti-aging skincare that helps fade fine lines, provides intense hydration, provides anti-oxidant benefits, and plump the skin; everything you need to do to delay the aging process!


If you are 50 or over then your skin can be defined as mature. At this age, skin has lines and some deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and potentially aging/sun spots. The goal is to restore some youthfulness to the skin with products that smooth out wrinkles, enhance collagen production for improved elasticity, and reduce hyper-pigmentation, while also providing the necessary moisture (mature skin tends to become dry).

The above are recommended skincare routines for every skin type. Feel free to use products from other categories, according to your own personal needs. Remember, there are no rules in skincare. Just what works for you and your skin.

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Quarantine Beauty: At-home facial

The current quarantine situation has got us spending most, if not all, of our time at home. This means that we now have all the time in the world to take care of our selves physically and mentally. In this post series, we will help you fill in those long hours of boredom with tips and tricks on how to up your beauty care to professional levels. We will be focusing on skincare, haircare, bodycare, and even mental health and how you can get through these tough times feeling stronger and looking gorgeous!



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Learn Your Ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this much-hyped skincare ingredient. Its miraculous water-holding abilities makes it one of the best ingredients to include in your skincare. Read on to find out more about its benefits.

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Easy 5-Step Skincare Regimen

We understand that everybody is busy. The last thing on our minds is taking care of our skin! At Kawaii Beautyland we know how important it is to do so despite our hectic lifestyles. We did the job for you busy bees so you won’t have to think. We came up with an easy, quick skincare regimen to suit most needs. Read on to find out what are the 5 essential products you will need, to take good care of your skin.

STEP 1: CLEANSING (2 minutes)
If you want to streamline your cleansing do it in the shower using a mild cleansing foam like Senka’s Perfect Whip. Just a dot of product is needed to create a rich foam and cleanse impurities, make up, and product build up on the skin. Use a net whipper for extra foam. This should only take a couple of minutes in the shower or sink.

STEP 2: TONING (1 minute)
Toning may not be your no 1 priority but it is an important step in your skincare. Toners can be exfoliating, which remove dead skin cells and clean pores or hydrating, which moisturize skin and prepare it for the serum and cream. Ideally, you should use one of each (1st exfoliating, 2nd hydrating toner) but if you want to save time use an exfoliating toner like COSRX’s if you have oily/acne-prone/aging skin or a hydrating toner like Rohto Mentholatum’s for normal/combination/younger skin. Use a cotton pad to saturate with the toner and sweep across the face or to save even more time just use your hands to pat it onto the face.

STEP 3: SERUM (2 minutes)
Perhaps the most important step in your skincare regimen that you should not miss! If you are an expert in using serums, well done. If not, you need to incorporate a serum in your skincare now! They are more potent than face creams and will do most of the job according to your skincare needs. Take your time to massage the serum on the skin and it will do wonders for it! We have various suggestions based on your needs.

STEP 4: EYE CARE (1 minute)
Some prefer not to use eye creams and we get that. You may have sensitive eyes prone to itchiness and puffiness or simply do not have the time to care for your eye area. However, the skin under the eyes is delicate and thinner than the rest of the face so it’s important to take proper care of it. We suggest Benton’s eye cream, an amazing, natural, and hypo-allergenic eye cream suitable for all skin types that you can gently pat under the eyes. Alternatively, for a more innovative way to take care of your skin under the eyes, use one of our many hydrogel eye patches. Just place them on the eyes after cleansing, and by the time you finish your whole skincare regimen, you will have well-moisturized skin!

STEP 5: CREAM (1 minute)
Last but not least, everybody’s favorite, the face cream. It will help “seal” all the goodness you have put on your skin in the previous steps and help protect and moisturize it as needed. Choose a face cream to suit your skin type and needs. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. Save your money for expensive serums and choose an affordable face cream as their main purpose is moisturizing! We have a few suggestions below based on skin type.

That is it! 5 products in 7 minutes! There is no excuse when it comes to our skin. The sooner you get going the better it will be in the long run. Your skin will thank you 🙂

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Summer Skincare: Tips for Dealing with Oily Skin

summer skincare

There are many enemies to oily skin in the Summer. The sun’s UV rays, sweat, heavy skincare, and makeup can all clog pores and lead to pimples and excess sebum on the face and body. It is important to adapt your skincare routine in the Summer to help manage the skin’s needs.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!
Probably the most essential skincare step to healthy skin whatever the weather is cleansing properly day and night. In the morning, we cleanse to get rid of the remnants of the night’s skincare products. At night, we may be sleeping but our skin keeps working overtime to drink up whatever skincare product we put on before bedtime and releases oils and sweat. In the morning, we need to cleanse the skin so we can have a clean canvas for the day’s products. To do that use a mild cleanser that will not strip the skin completely and will keep it well hydrated and prepped for your day skincare routine. We suggest Shiseido’s Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam that does just that!

Sisheido – Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam, €16

At night, you will probably need to bring in the big guns in terms of cleansing, especially if you used sunscreens and make up during the day. Sunscreens are amazing at protecting our skin from harmful UV rays but their function is to sit on the top layers of the skin like a protective film. Add to that all the make up products that go on top and you’ve got yourself suffocated skin! Going to bed with make up and sunscreen on will undoubtedly lead to oil, sebum, and pimples forming underneath. So at night it is important to double cleanse using a balm or oil cleanser as a first step and a milder soap or cream cleanser as a second step. BANILA CO’s Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm and Kose’s Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil are two great options that help get rid of stubborn sunscreen and make up and all skin impurities while hydrating. Your skin will thank you for providing the moisture it needs by not over-producing oils that may be stripped if you are using a harsher cleanser.

BANILA CO cleansing balm
BANILA CO – Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original, €25
Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil
Kose – Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil, €16

Ditch heavy products for lighter, balancing skincare products
Just because it is Summer, it doesn’t mean that your skin does not crave for hydration. Why would it be producing so much oil if it didn’t!? However, it is important to use the appropriate products. So forget about heavy moisturizers. Use lightweight, gel-like, and potent serums and moisturizers to help balance your skin’s hydration needs and help regulate oil production. A balancing toner would be your first step. Secret Key’s Fresh Nature Toner Rose will help do that and prep the skin for other products. Plus, it is packed full of botanical extracts!

Rose toner
Secret Key – Fresh Nature Toner Rose, €15

Follow up with a lightweight serum and moisturizer that will help train the skin to retain moisture so that it doesn’t over-produce oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. We suggest Elizavecca’s CF-Nest 97% B-Jo Serum and Secret Key’s Rose Water Base Gel Cream which are lightweight and contain ingredients that are perfect for balancing oily skin.

Elizavecca bird's nest serum
Elizavecca – CF-Nest 97% B-Jo Serum, €17
Secret Key – Rose Water Base Gel Cream, €23

Use a mask twice a week
A pore-cleaning, clay-based, hydrating mask is a must during the Summer months. Clay is a natural ingredient that is thought to help clean pores of dirt and oils. Think of it as nature’s hoover! innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Hydrating Mask is perfect for sebum control. It contains volcanic clusters and hyaluronic acid sourced from Jeju island in South Korea. This blue mask balances the oils of the skin leaving it non-greasy and moisturized. Use twice a week to deeply cleanse and balance skin. 

innisfree volcanic clay mask hydrating blue
innisfree – Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Hydrating Mask, €13

Multi-purpose make up
In the Summer, we want to keep heavy foundations and make up that clog pores on the side and choose products which are light and airy and have many functions. Asian women turn to BB creams to cover their needs. BB creams are lightweight moisturizers with added color to subtly correct uneven skin tone and help the skin balance its production of oil while also minimizing pores. Most BB creams also have the added benefit of sun protection! So that easily cuts another step in our skincare routine. If oily skin is troubling you especially in the Summer heat, then turn to Holika Holika’s Holi Pop BB Cream SPF30 PA++ Matte which contains silky-finish powder and sebum adsorbing powder, prevents oily skin, provides a matte finish and protects from the sun’s UV rays all in one!

Holika Holika – Holi Pop BB Cream Matte, €11

It is very easy to ignore our skin’s needs during the Summer months. But it is important to use the right skincare in order to help our skin balance out the oil production and minimize the unnecessary acne and pimples that come with using the wrong products or not using anything at all! Enjoy the Summer responsibly and don’t forget sun protection and lots of water!