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The 100% pure plant-based volcanic ash and konjac cleansing sponge from the clean island of Jeju. Creates delicate bubbles to deeply cleanse the pores of sensitive skin. With continuous use, there is noticeable improvement in skin texture.

Why it is Special 

  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% natural

Skin Type Suitability: All

Directions for Use: Rinse well in running water before using for the first time. Dry off after using the sponge and soak it for 30 seconds to make it soft before re-using. Use along with cleanser for a more in-depth cleansing ritual. Do not rub on the same spot several times to keep your skin and sponge from damaging. Do not share with others and keep the sponge clean for next use. This konjac sponge has a lifespan of 2-3 months. 

Ingredients: 93% jelly, 7% volcanic clay

Brand, Origin: innisfree, South Korea

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Weight 50 g

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